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Maintaining your Bangle up jewelry

Entretenir ses bijoux Bangle up

A bangle up jewel is a little wonder that we wear and admire, an attachment, a link that looks to us, that we would like to see last as long as is allowed.

To ensure this is the case, here are some tips to adopt to take the greatest care of it.

Like cats, they don't like water at all!

· But they hate household cleaning products just as much and prefer not to be there when you do the dishes.

· They will always appreciate it if you put perfume on them before putting them on and will never appreciate it if you put perfume on them with you.

· They also prefer that you take them off when you cultivate your garden or play sports.

Your bangles like simplicity: to clean them, opt for a simple soft, dry cloth, without soap or solvent.

· They feel well protected when, once removed, they rest in their individual pouch.

· Sensitive and ticklish, they prefer, especially if you are traveling, to stay alone in their own pouch rather than being mixed with other jewelry!