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BLOON, The Inflated Seat, Design...

Alliance of design and well-being, the Bloon seat ball fits into all
interiors. Both at home as an original and elegant booster seat and at the office as an ergonomic seat to improve posture.

​Its removable cover, handmade in Portugal, will seduce you with its careful finishes. Equipped with a belt serving as a 360° handle, the Bloon seat can be moved very easily with one hand.

​And for optimal comfort, its base is weighted with a dense material for
better stability. Guaranteed anti-rolling.
​Thanks to permanent access to the inflation valve, you can adjust the hardness and height of the seat, as well as quickly deflate it for storage.

In addition to its design, the Bloon seat provides numerous ergonomic benefits:
-Strengthening of deep muscles, due to the stabilizing micro-movements carried out when you sit on the Bloon, the muscles of the abdominal belt, legs and back will gain strength.
-The slightly toned position, compared to a classic chair, provides
better blood circulation in the body, reduces fatigue and burns
-The regular movement of the pelvis will prevent tension from building up along the spine and the muscles from atrophying, the ball also absorbs part of the body's weight, all of which will prevent and relieve many back pains.

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