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Aleppo Tadé soap

Le savon d'Alep Tadé

What is Aleppo soap?

Aleppo Soap, entirely natural and vegetable, is a soap based on olive and laurel oils, with prodigious cosmetic virtues. Aleppo soap is rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, unsaponifiables and vitamins. Our soap comes from ancestral artisanal cooking in a cauldron in batches, with sea soda and is entirely produced in Aleppo in Syria.

Aleppo Soap lasts a long time, is economical, entirely biodegradable and ecological.

Our traditional Aleppo soaps

A true authentic product from the Orient, the paste obtained from cooking is then cut into bars of soap which will dry for 9 months in the open air before being brought back by our teams to France.

The benefits of Aleppo soap

Perfectly cleansing, emollient, respectful of the skin's hydro-lipid film and its good hydration, Aleppo soap derives its virtues from its richness in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and unsaponifiables. Aleppo soap allows perfect hand disinfection and is ideal for daily cleansing for the whole family.

Universal, Aleppo soap is also recognized for its stain-removing and degreasing action on laundry and will appeal to men with its “all-in-one” aspect: hands, body, face, hair and beard! Sovereign for all skin, Aleppo soap, golden brown with a green and soft heart,

is the king of soaps. Hypoallergenic, super-fatty, it works miracles for fragile or reactive skin (oily, combination or dry). Economical and biodegradable, it also respects the planet.

The real, best and only Aleppo soap is the one made in Aleppo!

Our freshly scented Aleppo soaps

For a fresh and pleasant scent, we recommend this range with divine scents: rose flower, orange blossom and many others that will delight young and old. This soap accompanies you throughout your day. The effectiveness of this soap does not vary from the classic range. Choose Tadé soaps for everyday comfort.

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