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Virginie Hoyaux

Virginie Hoyaux

Virginie Hoyaux is a passionate painter and plastic arts teacher from Enghien-les-Bains. Her creative palette is as diverse as the emotions she evokes through her paintings.

His talent lies in his ability to explore a variety of styles and techniques with remarkable ease. From serene landscapes to striking portraits to vibrant abstractions, Virginie has mastered the art of bringing diverse ideas to life. Whether using acrylic paints to create luminous bursts or oils for deep textures, she transforms each canvas into a captivating visual journey.

However, what makes his work truly captivating is his ingenious use of recycled materials. Virginie pushes the limits of creativity by integrating scraped, torn and recycled elements into her creations. This innovative approach adds a tactile dimension to his works, while transmitting a deeply meaningful ecological message. Each piece of recycled material it incorporates tells a story while contributing to its commitment to the environment.

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