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Tadé: Savon d'Alep - L'essentiel du Hammam & Cosmétiques

TADÉ - Pays du Levant

Tadé Pays du Levant adopts ethical behavior.

The company works with respect for local customs and traditions, concerned with equity, synonymous with natural justice which recognizes equal rights for everyone. The manufacturers, partners of Tadé Pays du Levant, are all artisans. They thus benefit, through our ethics, from an opening to Western markets and from a fair and lasting partnership with these countries.

Aleppo soaps from Tadé Pays du Levant ® and Aleppo Soap Co ® are composed solely of olive oils - to soften the skin - and laurel berry oil - known for its exceptional nourishing and relaxing properties. , healing and disinfectant- and soda, from sea salt (or plant ash), mixed with water.

All our Aleppo soaps are 100% natural in origin, designed to limit our environmental impact by favoring paper, recycled and/or recyclable packaging (bye-bye to plastics)


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