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décoration, skyline, mini skyline Paris
décoration, skyline, mini skyline Paris

Mini Skyline Paris


The Line represented the silhouette of Paris from a point of view from the heights of the 18th arrondissement. We can see the La Défense business district, the sumptuous Sacré-Cœur and the famous Eiffel Tower!

Ideal gift to stick, magnet or place.

Use as you wish as a magnet, a souvenir of Barcelona or a wall decoration object.

All our products are made in France.

Available in 3 sizes : 19 cm, 50 cm and 125 cm.


No more nails. You can now attach The Line Mini wherever you want. Whether your wall is brick, plaster, concrete or a glass wall, you can stick - and peel off - The Line Mini using two 3mm diameter adhesive pads. Simply position them on the back of the line and press for 30 seconds where you want to install the line.


With The Line Mini, it is now possible to magnetize the line to any metal surface thanks to two super powerful mini magnets. Simply place them on the back of the line and put it on the desired surface. Whether it's a refrigerator, a metal shelf or any other metal surface, you can display your colors as you wish, like a magnet. But better.


Place The Line Mini anywhere and collect your favorite cities. The cardboard support allows the line to be held perfectly. Like a frame, we imagined a tie that keeps the support upright. You can put it wherever you want. We also noted some key figures about the city, such as the GPS coordinates from which we drew the line, the number of inhabitants and the area of ​​the city.

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Mini Skyline Paris



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