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Woman reading GM


This elegant bronze sculpture was created by Burkinabé artist Hamed Nikiema. The reading woman is a symbol of learned and strong women in Africa.

Bronze work is a traditional craft in Burkina Faso. The term bronze designates various alloys based on copper, zinc, lead and tin whose proportions vary. Today, bronze comes from the recycling of old equipment, such as water faucets or air conditioning system parts.

The artist first creates a wax sculpture which is covered with a mixture of clay sand and manure and dried. The mold is then boiled, the wax melts and escapes through the holes. The molten alloy is poured, taking the place of the wax. After cooling, the mold is broken to remove the sculpture and add the final touches. Each piece is therefore unique.

Height: 23 cm
Weight: approximately 500 g

Made and traded fairly in Burkina Faso.

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Woman reading GM



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