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Aleppo soap 40% 200g


The laurel wreath for this new authentic Aleppo soap, “40% laurel” cooked in a cauldron and dried for nine months in the open air

Weight: 200g

The king of Aleppo care soaps, with sweet olive oil. The key to its notoriety is its very high content, 40%, of noble laurel oil. Sovereign for demanding skin, dry or oily, which it cleans, disinfects and protects.

Soap without perfume or palm oil, resulting from ancestral and unchanged know-how, rich in olive and bay leaf oil. It cleanses perfectly, while respecting the balance of even the most fragile skin.
Daily use, body and face. To be kept, as in the Orient, in your linen cupboards where it chases away moths.

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Aleppo soap 40% 200g



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