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Aleppo soap 100g


Small Cosmos certified Aleppo soap in Syria, rich in essential trace elements and fatty acids. Superfatted soap for normal skin.

Weight: 100g

Universal soap with exceptional properties, a precious ally of all skin, which it cleanses perfectly while maintaining good hydration. Full of active ingredients and antioxidants, it is suitable for daily body and facial care.


Thanks to a loyal and lasting partnership with Aleppo master soapmakers, Tadé was able to develop this new quality of Aleppo soap, more natural and virtuous, the first and only Cosmos Natural certified in Syria. The olive oil is virgin and cold pressed, the laurel berries picked by hand.


Apply directly to wet skin of the body and/or face.
If desired, use a glove or sisal flower to lather it. Rinse well.
Small size allowing a good grip, and ideal for the guest room or travel, in its box.

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Aleppo soap 100g



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