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Crackling Bath Salts


Made in France, Vegan, Cruelty Free

It's time to take a dip! Sprinkle our bath salts to transform this daily ritual into a magical moment... The water crackles and goes into girly mode: 100% Kids, 100% color, 100% cabbage!

Gentle on the skin and so much fun, our crackling bath salts dissolve with little crunches.

Moisturizer: contains vitamin E and sweet almond oil
Soothing: extracts of chamomile flowers, peaceful night in perspective
Sweet red fruit scent.

The crunchy sound comes from the sparkling sugar shards which work crunching wonders in the water. The chemistry of the magic bubbles does its work: a so-called acid-base reaction occurs between citric acid and baking soda... FFFzzzz let's go for aquatic fireworks!

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Crackling Bath Salts



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