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Depilatory sugar


Depilatory wax. 100% natural facial and body hair removal.

Weight: 500g

Honey hair removal dates back to ancient Egypt and is still the most effective and gentle method. The caramel does not stick to the skin but coats each hair, pulling out the hair therefore does not bruise the epidermis. Finally, much cooler than wax, it causes less irritation or redness.


Mix a small ball of dough. Spread it in the direction of the hair, then remove it with a quick movement, pulling against the grain. Repeat if necessary.
If the dough becomes too sticky, chill it in the refrigerator or take a new portion.
Rinse with water after use, to dissolve any remaining small pieces.


For gentle and effective hair removal, let yourself be tempted by this delicious and fragrant depilatory sugar. With its simple, all-natural ingredients - sugar, honey and lemon - this hair removal method is not only the safest, but also simple and effective like no other.
Ideal for all skin and sensitive areas.

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Depilatory sugar



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